Debugging Jupyter

Install Jupyter on Linux

On Linux install nodejs and Jupyter:

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install jupyter

Issues starting Jupyter Lab

For some reasons, the jupyter lab command does not work in another conda environment than base, or on Linux environments. In these cases, open Anaconda Prompt (and activate the concerned environment), or Linux Terminal and tap:

python -m pip install jupyterlab

Alternatively, pip install jupyterlab (or pip3 install jupyterlab) works just as well.

Try to run jupyter lab or jupyterlab. If it still does not work, try (on Linux):

/usr/bin/env python /home/USER-NAME/.local/python3.X/site-packages/jupyterlab

Make sure to replace USER-NAME with your local user name and python3.X with the installed version of Python (e.g., python3.7).